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Monday, April 27, 2009

A&M vet school and "stuff"

Saturday at 4:16 a.m., I was awake! We had a BIG storm rollling through, and I couldn't sleep until I knew it passed. Our part of the county got 4 to 6 INCHES OF RAIN! It was exactly the kind of rain burst we got when our house flooded two years ago. I was awake from about 3:30 to 5 a.m. that morning. Which made the day that much harder. I was praying at 4:16 a.m.

At 4:16 p.m., I was sitting at the A&M Vet School, waiting on parents to pick up their scouts. We had ten of our Girl Scouts attend this event from 8 a.m. to 3. I enjoyed seeing the room full of animal bones, the Large Animal Clinic (and the giant rooms and equipment for bovines and equines), and the petting zoo.
This is Teddy Bear Surgery. B's bear is there, getting his bottom sewed up after he fell on his roller blades. B left to go to an Aggie softball game where their team was hosted by the Aggie team, so she couldn't miss that. But her friend took in her bear, who had an actual tear in his bottom. :-)
Blue Bell Ice cream sandwich after watching the milking demonstration.
Here, B is feeling actual lungs inflate. Kinda cool and weird and yucky at the same time, all the girls agreed.
Sunday at 4:16 I was driving up to the library and we took Flat Ethan's picture by the big bell. It's a treat for kids to ring that bell when they come to the library, and they're welcome to anytime. It is LOUD, and B chose not to.
Today at 4:16, I was driving in my neighborhood toward home. It was raining lightly, and we had just come home with bacon especially for the TAKS test morning tomorrow.
Yes, the TAKS test is this week, and my kids are taking the same ones as each other again: Math tomorrow and Reading Wednesday.
B can wear a pair of my dressy Sunday shoes. How can this be possible? They fit perfectly.
Today is my daughter's BFF's birthday. She caught up to her again---they're both 10. Happy B-day A! and M.A., and Barbara W. :-)

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

more "me time"

Today I was making chicken enchiladas in the kitchen at 4:16. I'll heat them up right before Larry gets home. Yummy! I hope! ;-)

Friday (4-18) I was with B @ Villa Maria and 2818 listening to "Love Song" by the Cure.

Saturday I was in the parking lot of the Granbury WalMart. We had just watched "Monsters vs. Aliens" at the theater.

Sunday I was just south of Calvert listening to "The Long and Winding Road" by the Beatles.

Monday I was driving to pick up B--again, in the car!!

Tuesday I was in a Teacher's Meeting discussing next year's curriculum.

Wednesday I was in a Girl Scout meeting, looking at the kiln at the junior high. We had just taken our creations out that we had made two weeks ago. Fun meeting!

Now I am off to J's junior high to pick him up after his Writing Club meeting. I volunteered to get the dinner theater "dinner" organized, and I am excited about the "Red Riding Hood's Basket" meal I'm planning with Buppy's. any suggestions??


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, April 11th

Today's Photohunt theme is triangle. This is the photo that just came to mind.

This is me (in the plaid shirt) and my friends Janet and Kevin, during the A&M years. Crazy stuff----but no alcohol involved. We were on a baseball road trip to Monroe, LA.
Next week's theme is PURPLE, my J's favorite color. I'll have to get him to help me with this one. Go see TNChick's website to see more triangles or to join in. :-)
Friday at 4:16 I was in my hotel room in Houston and walking to the elevator. I was going back down to the lobby to meet up and get my "observer" wristband for the convention.
Saturday I was pulling away from my church after getting back from Houston.
We went to Houston for LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) for the kids in our church. It's a pretty big event! My kids were involved with Drama, with most of the other kids from our church who went. J also was involved with an older kids' Chorus, but it wasn't coming together and the decided not to do it a week ago. I'll try to post pictures soon!
The bad news is, we had to leave Larry at home. His leg is hurting him A LOT and he couldn't sit in the car for as long as it takes to get to Houston. He thinks he'll make it to church tomorrow, though. Pray for him.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009


At 4:16 I was standing in an elder's house with his wife, while my daughter was getting coached on her last few details on her painting for LTC---Leadership Training for Christ.

Pictures to come later!

We will attend the convention in Houston this weekend, at the George R. Brown Convention Center. (I think I got that right---I'm going off memory). B is doing Drama, Bible Bowl, Art, Service Challenge, and Scrapbook. I am pulling my hair out (only on the inside, mind you) becaus ethere are a few things left to do with the scrapbook, and B is fussing with me and doing something totally unrelated. ug.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Monday at 4:16 I was in the *new* Village Market buying refried beans for the food/supply drive for the children's homes we support at church. I also had dish detergent and cereal in my cart, and I got some green sauce and tortillas with which to make chicken enchiladas. Yum!

Tuesday at 4:16 I was in a teacher's meeting talking about Bible curriculum.

Wednesday at 4:16 I was at the Girl Scout Meeting, making a pinch pot, and coaching one of the girls at making her little bowl.
When I told Larry at dinner about this, I said I had my hands all over clay at 4:16. He asked me if our friend Geana knew about that. Her husband is Clay. Haha, Larry!

I wish I had one more day of this week to get our LTC stuff done!

I went on a field trip to The King's Orchard this morning with Kindergarten. Strawberries are in season right now, so I picked about 2 lbs. It was a delightful trip out there, if a bit windy. I recommend going! I want to try taking my kids back in June when the blueberries and blackberries are in season.

My printer won't talk to the computer!! I'm really frustrated by this!


Sunday, April 05, 2009


Today at 4:16, I was on the living room floor helping B paint her LTC painting of a lighthouse. B was working on the top of the lighthouse today, and getting her horizon line straight. Water cannot make a hill on the horizon line like land can! ;-)

Today is 4-5, only 11 days until "my" day, 4-16! I'll be working, but I like to bring popcicles to school on my birthday for my students. Bomb Pops are my favorite!!

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

My minutes

Tuesday, the last day of March, I was in the drive thru at my bank, depositing my paycheck.

Wednesday at 4:16 I was turning onto 2818, singing "heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who . . . " (That is REO Speedwagon.)

Thursday I was in my driveway with J, talking to him as he was getting his stuff out of my car.

Friday I was on 2818 again, going to get J at school. I was listening to the radio, but it was comercials! Bummer.

Saturday at 4:16, I was in the shower, washing off all the sunscreen. I was watching B at her 2 o'clock softball game, and I just Have To use sunscreen. The weather was beautiful today, but it was sunny and bright on my legs and arms. B got sunburned on her shoulders after being out all day at her ballpark.


Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, April 4th

This week's Photohunt theme is stripes. I saw these at the store last night and thought they would be a perfect fit for the theme.
The ones above are Bavarian Long johns, and the ones below are a Mexican pastry, La Concha. They are pan dulce---sweet breads. I am always more excited by the look of them then the taste of them, however. ;-)

I hope you'll come back for next week's Photohunt post. The theme is triangle. Sounds musical to me!
Visit TNChick's site for more striped entries.
I am all worn out because today was busy---for me, the Fun Run at my school. I decided to do the 3K walk---and finished in the last group. I was out for the conversation entirely! J went to the George Bush Presidential Library and sang. He had solos on Cruela DeVil and Supercalifragilistic . . . . They sang a set of Disney songs during the big Egg Hunt day. Larry and B were busy with Little League opening Day. We all were able to attend the first softball game of the season. Don't ask B what the score was---it wasn't in their favor, and she was a little sad about it. Busy day and typical for our weekends here on through the end of school.