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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sticky Chins Day

I have to write about Sticky Chins Day before it becomes a memory I can't remember!!

First, the history. Larry and I set up our first date for Saturday, Feb. 10, 1990. We were going on the dinner and a movie date---Los Nortenos in downtown Bryan and then onto the dollar movie at the Schulman Movie theater. We saw Parenthood! But, on the Thursday before, Larry had a test on campus at night. After his test he called me and asked if I'd like to walk over to Northgate and get an ice cream. I said yes! So this was our first date---to a place called Sticky Chins. Seems like I drank a Dr. Pepper from a glass bottle. I don't know why I would remember that.

Ever since then, we have acknowledged this date---1991, when we were engaged to be married; 1992 as newlyweds in our first apartment; 1996, when J was only a baby; 1998, when we had moved back to Bryan and I was pregnant with B. One year, I would guess 1999 or 2000, J was on antibiotic and threw up right in Swenson's.

The one thing we do is eat ice cream for dinner. The optional ending is dinner food for dessert. Sticky Chins the eatery is no longer, and even Swenson's has left our town as well. We've recently been to Coldstone Creamery and The Marble Slab.

This year, Thursday, J came home from school sick with the fever --- this fever that seems to be going around that lasts and lasts. Larry ended up picking him up and staying home with him. I wasn't even reached at my school, but it all worked out for the best, as we had 4 teachers out at my workplace, and I was needed. Larry had been at work long enough that day that it wasn't even counted as a missed day of work for him, which is good.

After school, Larry and I had to make a decision about whether to go on out to eat. J was feeling good, and his fever was gone when medicated, so Larry said, "It's Sticky Chin's day. Let's go ahead and take him out." Sorry all you out there who followed us! He might have left his germs there.
The new cool spot in College Station is this place on University with a big fountain out front. (Cool to my kids, maybe!) And surrounding the fountain are places to eat (so far). Ben and Jerry's had come here for their first shop in town, so it seemed right to try it out today.
None of the pictures inside looked very good. But the ice cream was really good!! I think I hit the perfect ice cream on my first try----New York Double Chocolate Chunk. It has both chocolate and white chocolate chunks in it (yum), plus walnuts and chocolate covered almonds (yum), in a chocolate ice cream that really did taste like the best chocolate ice cream. Yum! Larry got a cookie sundae (with Cherry Garcia ice cream), and both kids picked out the Lemon Sorbet---J in a waffle cone, B in a cup.
Another good reason for this locale was the Boston's gourmet pizza place in the same place. We got a pizza to go home with---that was our dessert we ate while watching the first Survivor episode.
I enjoyed my Sticky Chins Day! I love that we have our own made-up holiday and that a delicious fun tradition has developed out of our first date.

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