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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mostly about my Menu Plan

When did J get to be a big kid? It's all relative, I know.

We got info today about 6th grade orientation. 6th is in with the Jr. High here, so here we go. I am really excited actually! But didn't we just throw him in with the older kids and make him have to step up and be an even bigger kid before his time?

I have been wanting to write about my food fiasco! Saturday I picked up the AngelFood Minstries boxes (the last one in line---late!). I had to really work to get my frozen stuff into my freezer. I had paid for the AngelFood at the beginning of the month, and went big shopping last week. I planned 12 meals---12!---and then bought what I needed. I will have to go get fresh veggies and bread and milk, but the basic stuff is in my bulging pantry. And then I realize it is time for the AngelFood---enough food to feed a family of four for a week. I got a "special" box of 10 lbs. of popcorn chicken! And another additional box of 4 meals. This is a problem I am not complaining about---but I am pointing out my silliness. So, I basically now have 20 or so meals at the ready. Crazy!!

Here is my Menu list. I usually create the menu list and don't plan exactly which days I want to do stuff. I leave it up to the "feeling" of the day, allowing for thawing of meats and such. Or I thaw in the microwave, but that's a tricky prospect. Anyway---the list. May it inspire you as I am inspired by other bloggers' menus! ;-)

Chicken In a Crock Pot---salad, fruit, potatoes X made this one already
Chicken Tortilla Soup----made from leftover chicken from above----fruit, corn chips X
Salmon Fillets----macaroni and cheese, fruit, vegetable X
Chicken Parmesan----fettuccini, veggies, fruit X
Meat Rolls (family ground beef recipe)----veggie, fruit X
Pork Chops l"Orange----wild rice, steamed veggies; a crock pot meal first time recipe
Shake and Bake Chicken---mashed potatoes, veggie
Chili-----cornbread, fruit
Steak Soup----bread, fruit
Tacos---lettuce and tomatoes, cheese, refried beans (no fat), rice, fruit
Sesame Chicken (first time recipe)----rice, fruit, green beans with garlic

Those were the ones I planned out myself. The next list is what I'll make from the angelfood basic box. Side dishes are not bought for this yet.
Spaghetti and meatballs
Bacon-wrapped beef fillets
Pork roast---probably will Memphis-style BBQ it in the crock pot
Frying chicken---probably will roast
Salisbury Steak---yummy fast meal for a day I've been working
Bean Soup
Special Box #1 Popcorn chicken---several meals from this (probably for a night Larry works late)
Special Box #2 4 meals for 4---1 side included in the pack
Beef Stew
Chicken fajitas
Pork Chops and Rice
Chicken Alfredo

See how crazy? I am thanking my God I have so much to eat and to choose from!!

Coming up this weekend---the Family sees Willy Wonka at MSC OPAS. Free Blue Bell ice cream before the show! Yea! A basketball game Saturday evening---breast cancer benefit game, so I think it is the Aggie women's team. TROUPE lock-in for February Friday night---will Lar and I see a movie?? Sunday evening after church "favorite finger food" fellowship. Do we skip it and go watch the super bowl? Do we get a TV in there and make it a super bowl fingerfood night?

And why are things piling up on my special Family Holiday? Sticky Chins Day is February 8th. This is the anniversary of Lar's and my first date, way back in 1990. We went on an impromptu date on a Thursday night (it's Thursday again! More specialness!), to an ice cream place on Northgate called "Sticky Chins." If you know Northgate at TX A&M, it's a small thin building next to bottlecap alley. I don't know what is there now. Anyway, now we as a family celebrate the day by having ice cream for dinner---and regular food for dessert if we want. That night, I also have a Creative Memories thing I could go to, and Survivor starts that evening. Survivor!! I'm so excited. It'll be Heart Snack day at school. The 9th is the annual "Not-So-Newlywed Game" at church. All these things I will elaborate on when I get to them, but does it seem crazy busy already? Is it just me? Don't they all sound fun, though?

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  • Gotta LOVE those Angel Food baskets! I had to work it all into my freezer, too, this weekend. Now, we have plenty to eat for a few weeks! I just love that I saved some money! Blessings to you!

    By Blogger janiswrites, at Wednesday, January 31, 2007 12:42:00 PM  

  • Ironically, I just posted about menu planning on my blog before coming to yours.

    Thanks for the tips!

    By Blogger Melissa, at Thursday, February 01, 2007 2:10:00 PM  

  • Between Angel Food and the "Once a month Cooking" technique we use, I usually have 3 months worth of meals planned at a time. It makes me love my deep freeze, and it keeps the hectic evening hours much more relaxed as I never have to scrounge for dinner. Happy planning, cooking, and eating!

    By Blogger sarahdawn, at Thursday, February 01, 2007 4:47:00 PM  

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