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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter Days

These first two are the deck accumulating ice---both because we had ice falling from the sky and because we had rain falling and then freezing. The kids have worked at chipping it off this afternoon---it was something they chose to do, not some punishment I had! ;-)

I like this picture of the icicles along the roofline near my bedroom.

Here's a close-up---it's really very beautiful!

These were also in our back yard, I thought very pretty with their coating of ice.

Larry came home at his lunch and took my car out---it had a flat this morning! (That's him in the background.) This is one reason we didn't go to school even though school was in, and running two hours late. He drove it so the fix-a-flat would work right. I also just didn't think it was any safer this morning than it was last morning after listening to the weather reports. Doesn't my car look like it has a beard?

As it turns out, we will have excused absenses for this day off at home! We played school---does that count for anything? B found math worksheets for J and me (multiplication), and Jamie gave us a lesson about Bionicle. The kids made many videos with our camera, and we played them on the TV. I made them do Bible reading, for my portion of the "school" day. Of course, we had lots of Science today---outdoors exploration! :-)

This last one is of a smile with one less tooth. B lost her tooth this afternoon as we were warming back up with hot chocolate and popcorn. It fell out---Daddy didn't have to pull this one! I LOVE all the toothy grins that B and her classmates have.

I hope you are enjoying your winter, too!

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  • Oh my, I could just imagine how extremely cold it is there with all those icicles all over the place. I've never experienced winter before. I guess it has its ups and downs. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

    By Blogger Heart of Rachel, at Friday, January 19, 2007 7:24:00 AM  

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