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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bad Weather Days

We've been on the alert for bad weather for a couple of days now. We have had lots of rain leading up to this cold weather, and usually around here, when the cold temperatures come, the dry air is with it, so it never snows, sleets or gets icy. This time, though, we've been hovering right below freezing for a day and a half, and won't go above freezing until tomorrow evening (according to So will we go to school tomorrow? I don't know! I haven't been out today at all. Larry made it to work before it started really raining this freezing rain this afternoon. It has made our deck really white with ice, and our trees and bushes are kinda icy, too. One of the biggest thrills is the icicles hanging from our roof line. B even ate one---or two.

I think I'd be happy just staying home one more day. I have been busy all day and have lots of other projects to get done!

But we shall see. I am waiting and watching those websites . . .

I have been keeping up with the picture a day on my other blog----click on "Project 363---My Photo Blog" to look at what's going on over there! I hope to post a few pictures of the snow---I mean ice---around the house sometime soon. :-) Happy days!

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