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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Photos this week

One of the "side effects" of starting the Project 363 blog is that I am taking lots of pictures and am having a hard time deciding which one to use to represent each day. I am trying to stick with the format, one picture a day, but I've found it hard. I haven't yet come to a day where I did not take a photo at all! Anyway, go check out my "other" blog on occasion.

These are my "rejects" so to speak!

This is Angel. I took her picture through the window while she was sleeping outside on her very dirty blanket. Both dogs drag it around where they want it. I know it's kinda disgusting!! But she looked so cute there.

This is what came in the mail on Saturday---my certificate deeming me a Child Development Associate. I can now call myself an expert (of sorts) on preschool children---specifically on kids ages 3-5.

This is J's alcove---a Star Trek borg-type alcove. (Click that link to get an idea of what the original looked like.) We have been watching ST Voyager episodes we got from Blockbuster online. Seven-of-Nine came aboard in the last set of DVDs we got, so now J is able to go regenerate like her.

This is what I did Sunday afternoon after a nap---I moved the bookcase closer to the computer area. Not that anyone cares! It was a bit of work to get it all re-organized. This is in preparation of getting some new furniture in the house today. This move is to get a china cabinet into the dining area. But the good news is, I now have a shelf for the printer paper, and the dictionary is closer to my computer---which I use, don't ask me why, when I'm at the computer. (I know there are online dictionaries!)

This is B after school yesterday. We had stopped at Sonic to celebrate J's good report card. B will get hers today. I liked how her hair was shining in the sunlight, but I don't know if I captured that.

This is J at Sonic---but he was irritated with the sun being in his eyes, but was mad at the whole world because of that (He has hated having sun in his eyes ever since he was a baby!). J had come home from school early because he was running a fever. He also has a head cold. I had to get out with him, though, because I had to go pick up B. If he'd been feeling terrible, I would have gotten someone else to get B or something. And I wouldn't have taken him ot my next stop . . .

This last one is in my classroom. Since I had a feeling I'd be staying home with J again today (and I am!), I went from Sonic to my preschool to set up the classroom for my sub. J did go lay down in our workroom on a couch for a while, but he made stenciled snowmen like B is doing here. I wanted to get a few examples made for the teacher to know what I meant to do. And for the kids to see. The snowmen the kids make will go up on the bulletin board for January.

So this is a wrap-up of photos from my life. It's exactly what the title of my blog is---a slice of my life!

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  • Paris was glad to get back to school, and she had fun spending the day with Mrs. Penny. On the way home she said "Tomorrow qill be fun because Miss Jenny will come back and be with us!"

    By Blogger sarahdawn, at Tuesday, January 09, 2007 4:56:00 PM  

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