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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt---New

Here we are at the end of a year, with the New Year just days away. So the theme for this week is NEW.

I had to go to the albums to get my first inspiration for the theme. Nothing is newer than a new life, and here are the new babies I recieved into my life. The first baby, circa 1995, made me a new Mommy, formed a new family, added new joys and stresses to my life. Yes, I was only 24, and my glasses were huge! At this point, I had remarked to those around me, "Wow! My stomach is so flat!" They were laughing at me, but it was such a remarkable difference to me not having a baby sticking my belly out, and finally having my lung capacity back.

And not to be left out, our new daughter, born in 1998, opened a whole new world for me to enjoy. Do you know yesterday we girls went to the mall and spent an hour or so in Limited Too? Oh, my, if only we had some more money to spend there! The cutest stuff was not on sale, of course. She tried on a dress for $45 (too much for a growing girl!!), that was just really cute. It would go great with some brown leggings. I don't go for the halter dresses there, but that is a whole other blog post! B was spending her gift card from Aunt Rachel (who could show anyone a thing or two about "what to wear" or "how to shop").

To check out others participating in the photo hunt click here. What other kinds of new are there?

Next week's theme will be Memory. Memories! Ahh . . . I may have to scan in some more photos from albums! My mind is turning with the possibilities!

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