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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cookies for Christmas

This is the recipe card for Molasses Cookies that I guess I have been using for 22 years. I got a recipe box when I was in 7th grade from my Grandmother J., and this was one recipe in it. We had been making these cookies for years before this with my Mom, and she had remembered making these with her mom. She told me that she took these cookies for a Christmas cookie exchange party this season. They are always a hit with ladies!

I was allergic to many things as a kid, one of which was chocolate, so this was a favorite of mine growing up. I love the taste of the dough. I have modified the recipe to use the microwave to melt the shortening, and sometimes I put the dough in the freezer instead of the fridge so it will cool faster.

You know the cookies are done when they crack on the tops. And these cookies are best eaten when they are warm. Yum!

This picture I found on the back of the recipe card. I am sure that J drew it when he was little. A little memory of his youth to keep with me forever. I like this card a lot since it is in my Grandmother's handwriting. She said she didn't learn how to print, so she always wrote cursive. And since she was a teacher (French), she learned how to write nicely and on a chalkboard. So the whole card is a little treasure.

Yesterday, the kids and I wrote down what kind of cookies we wanted to make, and B drew out one slip of paper with her choice on it. B asked to make Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies. I don't think we've ever made them, so I found a recipe for them online. Once cooked, B said they were a different color than the ones we eat at lunch group (at church). Not light enough! I guess we won't cook them as long next time.

We are also going to make fudge (the really easy way) and the other two choices, the Molasses cookies and my choice, roll-out cookies. What speaks to me of Christmas is those buttery Christmas shapes. The smell of them cooking reminds me of the Christmas Eve party we would have at our house with Mom's Memphis relatives: Aunt Sally, Aunt Virginia and Uncle John. Whenever I think about that, I remember the spinning metal chime (I don't know what to call it?); it spun because the candles' heat would rise and turn a windmill-like blade, which would turn the little chimes to make a tinging sound. I wonder if Mom still has that? I Googled "candle powered chimes" and found this image--------->
It's very similar to what we had.

I may post some more about cooking, but for now, I need to actually do some cooking! The plan is to make the Molasses cookie dough, put it in the fridge, then make the fudge, then bake the cookies.

I am hearing thunder this afternoon, and it's as dark as 5 pm!

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