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Saturday, December 23, 2006


My hubby said this is the Lays Potato Chip Blog---I can't post just one! Photo for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, that is.
This first one is my favorite for the theme LINES. Short lines, tall, lines, a curvy line, it has all sorts.
Half the family wanted this set of lines ot be "the one."
And this set of lines of a different variety, was taken by my 8-yr-old daughter.
All four of these photos were taken at a park we have downtown, and although it looks very cold and wintry, the temperatures were in the 70s that day.
I was experimenting with some organic lines here. I have always been attracted to these twisty, curvy lines.
I considered several other options for "lines": shopping lines, lines of cars in traffic, power lines. Next week's theme is NEW. You can view the blogroll of others participating here.
Speaking of photos, my son, the so-called "Ollie Ribbons," has a new blog---Photo Ollie. he's finding things he likes and posting there. Leave him a comment and make his day!
It is my favorite day of the year!! It's Christmas Eve Eve. Usually you can just be as Christmassy as you want to this day without a bunch of activities in the way. All my shopping is done by now (most years!), and you can bask in the glow of the Christmas tree and let the Christams tunes flow. And Christmas shows on all the day long. B and I watched a Hollie Hobbie Christmas just this afternoon. I like the anticipation of "the day" better than the day itself, sometimes! Once the presents are all done, what else is there to be so exciting?
I am excited about some of the presents I got for people this year, but I cannot comment yet. I read this blog today and thought I might put forth my own list. Later!
I did yoga today and yesterday, and my back and legs feel so wonderfully loose. I wonder if I can make it a habit again? I need to!

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  • LOL at the potato chip blog!!! I love all of your pictures. I think the big tree is my favorite. It is a bit spooky looking but great for this week's theme.

    Thank you so much for visiting me today!
    Happy Holidays!!

    By Anonymous Christina, at Saturday, December 23, 2006 3:23:00 PM  

  • Love the lines. I wonder what kind of tree that is? It seems I saw one in Colonial Williamsburg with similar twists and turns.
    It has to be 70 here today as well. Too warm and no chance of a white Christmas, but no ice or slush to contend with either.
    Have a Happy Christmas!
    Mine is up too.

    By Blogger srp, at Saturday, December 23, 2006 4:10:00 PM  

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