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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Images of Christmas

My parents came down here for Christmas. Mom was sick, so it was quiet and subdued! We drove around town looking at lights with them on Christmas Eve, and watched part of "It's a Wonderful Life." Very fun!

J with his Santa presents---the main thing was his Lego set.

B was thrilled to get her DVD. She stayed in her pajamas all day. her favorite present was the Color Wonder Sprayer. I'll have to scan in some of her artwork she creates with that.

Dad opened a DVD from J---the Three Stooges.

Larry got to laughing about something!!

I got a DVD I had been wanting---from J. He heard "Suddenly I See" on the radio (remembered I liked it) , called me, and held the phone up to the speaker so I could tell him the artist's name. He then shopped with his dad. Thanks, son! This is the best picture of me all weekend, I think!

This present is what I got with the Christmas money Granny sent. Isn't it pretty! The best feature is that you can set the amount of time you want it to cook on high or low. It will shut off after that time and be on warm. So, if I want something to cook for 7 hours, and won't be home for 9 hours, I don't have to overcook it! Yea! I am going to use this a lot when I get back to work after the holidays.

This was the Game Christmas---and I know my sister almost bought Larry a game, too. Here's a list:

Clue---from Santa (not me! I didn't even expect it!) so far, 3 games played

Apples to Apples Jr.----from me to the whole family; so far, about 5 games played

Star Wars Risk, original trilogy version----to Larry from J; one very long game played so far

High School Musical DVD game----to B from Poppa; one game played this morning

Heroscape---from me to J; 4 games played

Plus we watched 2 football games and "Deal or No Deal."
Lots of games! I'd recommend any of these board games---they were all good ones! it made for a really fun day off for larry. He's back at work today!

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