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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, January 27th

The theme today is "Silver." Check out other hunt participants by clicking here. If you want to join in, click here for more info.

I decided to show some of my favorite things around the house that are silver in color. Only the earrings are real silver. (I think!) The two serving dishes are from Duncan Dining Hall on the Texas A&M campus. Mom got them for us from one of the Aggie Mom's Club Boutique sales one year. They used these serving dishes before we were students there. This is my silver watch I wear every day---nothing fancy! The tea spoon in of my flatware set I got when I married---Oneida "Anticipation" which I still love. (You might click on the picture to see the simple design on it!) And finally, the earrings, which were my Grandmother J's, which I wear ll the time.

These last two couldn't fit into the collage, so here they are. B decorated her bedroom door for Christmas in a silver theme, and it's still up. But I like it, too.

I have some really cool pictures of raccoons I saw last night, which I'll post later, but for one picture, go see my photo Project 363 blog. Next week's theme is "Gross!"

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