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Monday, January 29, 2007

Picture Post

Here are my pictures of Raccoons I took Saturday night. Another picture made my "picture of the day" on my Project 363 blog. B's Girls Scout troop leader threw some dog food on the porch and the raccoons came to eat. Later, after I left her there to ahve a sleepover, a oppossum came to eat as well.

This one was washing his food in the water dish. Lis told the girls that it had taken some time and building of trust before the raccoons would come up and eat like this with us watching from inside.

This next set of pictures is of J's TROUPE show on Sunday. It was his final performance of four. The show was called "Dear Edwina, Jr." and it's an adaptation of a Broadway show. It was very family friendly. Edwina is a girl who does a show every Sunday afternoon form her garage, and she gives advice to kids who write her letters.

J is a guy learning to "Say No Thank You" (song with the same title), no matter what kind of food is offered.

This queen was offering him all kinds of weird stuff.
She finally offered him some peanut butter and jelly. Yum! Remember---I'm taking pictures with no flash! So that is why they're a little blurry. Also, on Sunday, we got Primo seats on the futon at the front of the audience. B got to go to this show.

The group is singing "Frankenguest!" about a boy who is a terrible guest at a party. J is the one in the middle, next to the girl with the blue party hat.

Here is the Fork Fairy and the girl who needed to know how to set the table. Another picture from this song made picture of the day for Sunday on the Project 363 blog.

This one is during a song about how these guys didn't save money and needed advice. J is the one on the far left.

And finally, this one is our B after the show. Brown is sure in fashion this season! Yes, those are goucho pants.

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