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Friday, February 09, 2007

Hearts and Dances and Love

These were too fun not to post. :-)

If you want to go make some of your own, here's the link. You'll need to save them to your computer after you make them.
I found the link on Heart of Rachel's blog.

J is home with the sickness----fever. We did let him go out last night for Sticky Chins Day (more on this later with pictures), after he came home from school early with the fever. (We dosed him up with medicine to get our ice cream supper.) He also now has a stuffy head and runny nose. Our plans for this evening (the Not-so-Newlywed game for us adults) are out the window now, but I think Larry will take B to a Daddy-Daughter Dance instead! So maybe it was just meant to be this way after all. I am going to try to find a Christmas dress on discount really quickly so she can be dressy tonight. I'm going now to B's Valentine Party at her school!

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  • I'm sorry to hear that your son is not feeling well. Hope he gets better soon. I'm sure lots of TLC will make him feel better a lot faster.

    Hope B will have a wonderful Valentine Party in school.

    I like the hearts you made. Thanks for sharing. Take care!

    By Blogger Heart of Rachel, at Friday, February 09, 2007 8:59:00 PM  

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