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Thursday, February 01, 2007

B is sick

I've been home with B today. Her fever is running high. It went away with medicine, and then came back after I took her to the doctor and stopped to get my check and stick it in the bank. I asked B if she felt good enough for me to make that one stop, and she was feeling good then, but she fell asleep at the bank. B also has a bit of a runny nose, which is making her cough and have sore throat.

I knew something was up last night----B fell asleep before dinner, and I thought, "Maybe she's going to be sick," but I instead chalked it up to her staying up the night before. I tried waking her up for dinner with the thought of mashed potatoes---her favorite----but she stayed asleep. I thought that was weird, so I didn't wake her any more, but J an B and I just stayed home from church. Good thing we did---I would have exposed everyone to B's germs!

B had a test for flu---and it was negative. I feel better. She had no fever at the doctor's office! Of course, but this morning she had 102.5, and now it's back to 102. But the deciding factor this morning when I set up her appt. was that her legs ached. I thought if it was flu, I'd better get in quickly so she could get that Tamiflu. But it isn't flu, so we're treating the symptoms, like I always do. B's last appointment was in October 2005! How lucky are we to have been so healthy? I just do what I always do with the fever---fluids and rest. They kids can drink any decaffeinated beverage they want, and lay on the couch watching TV all they want. Today we've seen Bartok the Magnificent, High School Musical, Springtime for Strawberry Shortcake, and now we're on The Wizard of Oz.

Other than this, I IM-ed with my sister, did some laundry, and rescued the dog from being stuck in the fence where she had gotten herself wedged in the hole where she had pulled down another fence slat. Ug. It is still extremely muddy over there, and I tell you I am tired of this! The mud, the fence being broken, all of it!

Tacos for dinner tonight! My sister in OK is also doing tacos---great minds think alike!



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