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Monday, July 18, 2011

Journaling at Camp

Bess is off at camp this week, and she and I are still writing. I think she's shy about sharing what she writes---so it's funny that she wanted the blog! I don't know if she'll bother putting up her writing she's doing during "rest time" these hot afternoons this week.

She picked the topics out of a hat before she left and made tiny envelopes for me to open daily. Of course, she did NOT get around to doing her turn at putting the dishes away before she left, but took time to do this instead. Sigh. But I digress.

Sunday I was travelling back and forth with Larry as we drove the kids to camp. Despite that, there was a topic:

What are the three worst and best things you have smelled?



strangers' B.O.



Cologne on a date night

Bath and Body Works' pomegranete lemonade

baking cookies

I'll get Monday's topic going here in just a bit!

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