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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Blog Questions

Today's weird blog is a series of questions. This doesn't seem to really inspire "writing" like I had hoped, but we'll go with it.

Would you rather live in a bowl or a bucket? A bucket, because it has a handle. You can carry it around with you.

Would you rather be a newt or a mouse?

A newt because they are so many pretty colors.

Would you rather yell at cheese or sit on a cookie.

I guess I'd rather sit on a cookie. Although that might ruin the cookie, and I guess I could still eat yelled-at cheese.

Would you rather eat Christmas lights or a garden hose?

Christmas lights are so much lovelier than a garden hose.

Would you rather eat only yarn or only grass?

Grass is a plant and you could live on it for real, so I would pick that!

Okay, now we'll see what Bess has chosen!

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