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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt---PUBLIC

This week's theme is Public. Here are some of the things we did out in the public areas of Seguin, TX, last week.

B is looking over the public memorial to POws---MIAs in front of the Guadalupe County Courthouse. We were trying to figure out if the pictures were carved into the stone or what. The surface was very smooth to the touch. B thought it was pretty and after I explained what POW and MIA meant, she was touched to the heart.

J took some time to love the world's biggest pecan in public. He has no qualms about standing out in a crowd.

This building is a house built back in the 1850s when Seguin was known as"Concrete City." They built almost 100 homes out of "limecrete" as they called it. It's a public historical site.

You can read about it on the historical marker.

That is my group of public photos for the week. Next week's theme is colorful. Ooooo! :-)
If you want to see more photos on the theme, o see TNChick's website.

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