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Friday, June 25, 2010

Palo Duro trip---part 2

We spent the first night in Abilene. WooHoo! Larry and J had just left there the day before. Didn't know that town was such a happening place? I've even got plans to go back the first weekend in August. :-) These girls are hanging out in the lobby while we check in. The highlight of this evening? Swimming in the pool. Lis has the pictures of them jumping in that I'd like. I took my knitting ot the pool. It was "Knitting in Public Week." (I saw it on Facebook, I'm sure it was true.)

That night a terrible storm blew in. It rained very hard, and we all took turns at the window, watching the wind blow the waves of rain across the parking lot to the gas station. I did not sleep well! I was aware of a time that the power went out, and it was really dark.
After breakfast in the hotel, we went north towards Lubbock. This was the first time I'd seen wind energy farms up close. It's hard to tell how large these windmills are, but they are HUGE. There are a lot of them between Interstate 20 and Lubbock. (B took this picture through the car window.)

We ate lunch in Lubbock and picked up a scout who'd been staying at her grandmother's house there. We ate at Rosa's Cafe, which we have right in our own town, so nothing new. It was very crowded.
This picture is pne of the first looks we had of the canyon. I didn't get a good picture of the road winding down into the floor of the canyon, and I should have---it's pretty awesome. The CCC built it in 1933-1934. This state park opened in 1934.

We set up out camp, first thing. This tent was my home for 3 nights. :-)

And this is the view from our camp, looking at a canyon wall. It was awe-inspiring, actually. I kept thinking it was like Niagara Falls, in that you cannot do it justice with photos, and you can't imagine how big it is unless you're there in it.

So that's the next 5 pictures from our trip!! I will keep sharing 5 until I finish.
I will go to "Music Americana" tonight to see J sing and dance. He has parts in "Codfish Ball," "Walking on Sunshine," and Chatanooga Choo Choo.
Have a good evening!

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