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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt---SIX

I missed last week, I only realized today! Anyway, today's theme is SIX. I've been camping this week in Palo Duro Canyon State Park with the Girl Scouts. I'm going to just show three of my pictures from the trip.
This is the rock formation everyone wants to see when they go to Palo Duro Canyon. It was named the Lighthouse by the Spanish explorers. The Native Americans who were here before them didn't call it that (they were not sailors like the Spaniards), but they did build signal fires on top. One of the Park Rangers told me that!
If you look closely, this is the lighthouse from another angle. They were right on top of it! There are 6 people in the photo, and it is a 6 mile round trip hike to make it here. That was quite an accomplishment for our scouts! I am sort of kicking myself now that I didn't do the longer hike---I volunteered to do the 3 mile hike and take back the ones who were not going to make it.

This is where I was when I started back. You can see the Lighthouse just over my right shoulder. It was still a long way away! It was already pretty hot by then, even though we got going as fast as we could that morning. My 3 mile hike was just under 2 hours and the longer 6 mile hike was just over 4 hours.
It was a great trip to end our year, and I'll be blogging about it more this week. You can see more Six photos over at TNChick's site. Next week's Photo Hunter's theme is Purple. I bet I have lots of that---it was my high school's color.
Please leave me a comment and have a great week. :-)

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