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Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of 2009-2010

Since everyone else was doing it, I had to post our first day pictures as well! It was kinda dark---it was about 6:55 when I took these.

Here's B going to 5th grade. We found the BEST backpack (originally $50, for $20!!) in the colors she likes. We got a big lunchbox this year so she can put her nifty new cereal bowl in there. It keeps the milk cold in a special freezer compartment. Yes, cereal with milk for lunch!! Not that keeping things cold will be a problem---lunch is at 10:45. Geeze! Last year she was at the other extreme: 12:50. Here's J with his orange and black outfit he pulled together. The laces were not original to the shoes, but a good touch. He's going to 8th grade. He will be taking these classes:
Computer (BCIS)
Spanish 3 for Native Speakers
U.S. History

He did not take a backpack today, and will get his computer about a month from today. (Someone's birthday!) J is riding a bus home many days.

I got a Sonic drink today that didn't have sonic ice in it!

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