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Thursday, July 16, 2009

San Antonio #2

Guest writer---our B!
In this picture, Bananas is in front of a building that we thought looked cool in downtown San Antonio.

This is Bananas in front of a sign at Mission San Jose.

Bananas and me are park rangers at the mission!!!!

In this picture Bananas is sitting by a hole in the wall that people who were fighting there would stick their guns through.

Me and Bananas are sitting by some baskets in a fireplace thing in the corner.

This is me and Bananas sitting in a window behind the church part of the mission.

Bananas is sitting in the opening of an oven.

Now Bananas is sitting on the oven!

Bananas is in the corner of the mission.

That's Bananas in front of the church dome.

This is Bananas on top of a well.

In this picture, me and Bananas are sitting in a window.

This is a little water bowl in the wall in the church.

This is Bananas in the back of the mission.

This is me and Bananas sitting in a different window.
Bananas thought this mission was kinda big.
Bananas really liked how we rode back to the hotel---we rode there on the bus.



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