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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jamie and I walked for about an hour this morning. That's three times this week so far!! GO US!!

My song list this morning:
Song 9 (Rockapella)Hello, Goodbye (The Beatles)
When You Come (Crowded House)
I Want to Tell You (The Beatles)
Sh-Boom (The Chords, from the Cars soundtrack)
Shape of My Heart (Sting)
Don't Tell Me You Do (Rockapella)
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2)
Clumsy (Fergie)
Phantom of the Opera (Sarah Brightman)
She's Too Good for Me (Sting)
Sweetest Thing (U2)
3x5 (John Mayer)
Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Lightswitch (They Might Be Giants)
Doctor Robert (The Beatles)

I haven't compared the list here to what I wrote on that other post---to see if they're the same. I have about 250 songs on my little off-brand MP3, and I keep it on shuffle. It's funny how often I get the same artists on the same trip. Of course, what you see here repeated---Sting and The Beatles---that's pretty well represented in my collection.



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