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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, June 20th

This week's theme is creamy. B got some frozen treat recipes from her American Girl magazine. We also caught Blue Bell ice cream on sale! Yea! And here is her creamy creation.
This one is Homemade Vanilla With Strawberries ice cream and Cran-Grape juice. This is slightly modified from the recipe in the magazine, but came out deliciously!
There was another set of creamy pops that I didn't care for---peanut butter and strawberry yogurt. Another is untested in the freezer---vanilla pudding and blueberries---but that sounds good to me. Yum!
B has made several things in her Easy Bake Oven also. We had the standard cakes from the packages you buy, but she found a recipe on the Internet for Pizza. Pizza cooked by a lightbulb! We all got a piece, and it wasn't too bad! ;-)
I'm not sure about next week's theme, but if you want to see more creamy foods, check out TNChick's blog.

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