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Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Summer!

I'm out of school, the kids are out, and MY DAY is on my schedule once again! Sorta.

I'm SO glad to get the summer going.

I input all the summer options into the Yahoo calendar and we have an option for almost every day this summer. Included are calendars from:

The Library (both the regular program and the Teen program J could go to)
The Movie Theaters ($1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays @ 9:30---both our local ones!)
Troupe activities (J)
Summer Track (B)
Church camp (J and B)
Craft days at Michael's
Softball (we're stil not done)
Middle School band camp (J)

That's a full summer. Of course many things are just optional.

B is already half-way through her public Library reading chart---and she's doing 45 minutes per segment! J has an hour per segment, and he's doing fine. But B is reading like crazy. It may have something to do with computer time being tied to reading and chores. But it really doesn't---B just loves to read.

I'm also making an effort to raise my kids' appreciation for the lowly sandwich. I even got some Provolone for J---he makes a wonderful warm Turkey and Provolone on white bread. I got some beautiful tomatoes for my sandwiches! Kroger had some yummy ones for $1 a pound. And chicken tenders on sale for a great price---making a casserole for Diane's family tomorrow.

I've been successfully limiting computer time around here. I have an equal work for equal time on the computer plan, for the most part. B picked up dog poop for a 3 times bonus this morning! ;-o It was really yucky----I had to help her at least this first time. So 10 minutes of gross work got her a half-hour on the computer this afternoon. J got 5 minutes for taking out the trash (this one takes so little time, I just had to give a whole 5 minutes). I'm adding onto a list as I think of some more unusual jobs or things that need to be done only occasionally. The hard part is (and I saw this coming), there are chores that need to be done more frequently that the kids don't really want to do. But we have to do them! So far my plan is that I expect them to do about 3 jobs a day, and I get to pick one. Hopefully this will get the more necessary jobs done.

And get our house back in order!! Yikes, it's so out of control right now.

I have great hope for our summer, though! ;-) Hope you are already enjoying yours.

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