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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, April 4th

This week's Photohunt theme is stripes. I saw these at the store last night and thought they would be a perfect fit for the theme.
The ones above are Bavarian Long johns, and the ones below are a Mexican pastry, La Concha. They are pan dulce---sweet breads. I am always more excited by the look of them then the taste of them, however. ;-)

I hope you'll come back for next week's Photohunt post. The theme is triangle. Sounds musical to me!
Visit TNChick's site for more striped entries.
I am all worn out because today was busy---for me, the Fun Run at my school. I decided to do the 3K walk---and finished in the last group. I was out for the conversation entirely! J went to the George Bush Presidential Library and sang. He had solos on Cruela DeVil and Supercalifragilistic . . . . They sang a set of Disney songs during the big Egg Hunt day. Larry and B were busy with Little League opening Day. We all were able to attend the first softball game of the season. Don't ask B what the score was---it wasn't in their favor, and she was a little sad about it. Busy day and typical for our weekends here on through the end of school.



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