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Friday, March 20, 2009

Wednesday at 4:16, I was watching sea lions play and bark at Sea World.
Thursday at 4:16 I was in a gas station waiting to pay for some cokes for the family while Larry was pumping the gas to take us home.

I uploaded my pictures from San Antonio to the computer---all 367 of them. I won't blog about all of them, don't worry! I still need to wade through the mountain of them and pick out the very best. Some I'll post on Facebook, some will go to webshots, and some will get blogged about.

B had the idea of taking one of her stuffed animal Webkins and taking a picture of it in all the places we went. I thought it was a great idea---so she will be a guest blogger sometime soon. We took 78 pictures of her stuffed elephant, Bananas. B was also saving her money to buy a Webkins in San Antonio, and she got to do that, too. There was a sale, and she got two---a Clydesdale named Heidi and a camel named Hamlet.

Lots of fun on vacation for each of us!

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