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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, February 21st

First and Foremost---I recieved word today that I passed my EC-4 Content Area test. This is one more step towards the goal of certification! Yea! I am now enrolled on another course through iteachtexas, and after completeion, I'll take yet another test, the PPR. I have a couple of observations to endure and the year to finish out and them I'll be done.

on with the show . . .
This week's Photo Hunters theme is warm. I had to stop myself from posting a HOT picture.

This is one of B riding her bike on a warm January day. The very next day . . .

. . . she was in her heavy coat!

Have a happy weekend and support your local Girl Scouts! They're trying to wrap up sales this week. help a girl reach a goal---even one box will be appreciated, I'm sure!! We are also collecting boxes of cookies for soldiers, so if you don't want any for yourself, buy one for a soldier---they love them, too. :-)

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