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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, January 24th

This week's theme for Photo Hunters is chipped. B helped me think of something to take a picture of, and I got it done and onto the computer in the last 15 minutes. I love technology! ;-)
I have a set of Noritake "Stepping High" dishes I registered for when I got married. This was just before Target and Wal-Mart had bridal registries--can you imagine that? I registered at Dillard's and my college friend Janet was with me when I picked them out. I remember her telling me, "Just pick something already!" But see, I'm talking about my dishes 17 and a half years later. It was an important decision, and extra time than thought was needed.
This pattern is discontinued, so I was really upset when I chipped the first dish and broke a dinner plate completely. I had 9, so I'm still good to host a party of 8. (I'll take the chipped one.) By the way, do not set dishes directly upon a hot eye on the stove---that's how I got this lovely center cut of my plate. I think I will put it into a backsplash someday.

Happy birthday, Janet!!

Go to TNChick's site to see more chipped pictures or join in the hunt. Next week's theme is furry. I will be busy next Saturday taking a test for my teaching certification, but I hope to post my selection sometime that day.
Have a nice weekend!!



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