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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Our wonderful Christmas Eve celebrations have been interrupted by B's getting strep throat!

I usually love Christmas Eve, and I had still two presents I HAD to get today (one more paycheck under the belt!). I was looking forward to shopping and watching Christmas movies today and playing with the one present we opened up this morning. That's the house rule---one present on the Eve, and it can be in the morning. Lucky for them the kids opened up their own gifts to each other, which both happened to be board games. We played B's first---the Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly. Of course with her being sick, we put the game on hold after an hour or so and I took her over to the doctor's office.

We saw a doctor we'd never been to, but you take what you can get on Xmas Eve. I had suspected it was strep in her throat, and as soon as he looked in there he said he'd bet it was, too, and that he'd jump out the window (3rd story) if it wasn't strep.

So now we're on an antibiotic for 10 days and hoping she feels better after a few doses of medicine. I did leave B with J for a little while this afternoon to get those last presents, and I found exactly what I needed. B called me as I was finishing up, saying, "Mommy, are you coming home soon?" I was! But I hurried!

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