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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, February 7th

This week's theme for the PhotoHunt is Bridges. Now I thought of Lloyd Bridges, but not having any personal photos of him, I had to pass on that idea.

My thoughts first went to the bridges in Memphis, TN---the M Bridge, as my sis and I called it, and the Old Bridge. But I am not finding my pictures of those bridges this morning.

So here are my honeymoon bridges, abridged. I had a few more!

This is during the first full day of marriage after we crossed the bridge from Texas to Oklahoma. We were on to our next stop in Tulsa, OK.This one was in OK as well. The McDonald's is on the bridge that crosses the highway! I had written that it was the largest McDonald's in the world. That may not be true anymore?

And this last bridge was the one I was thinking of when I got out this album to scan. We had stopped for a break in Ohio, near Cincinatti, at this scenic overlook. We saw many more bridges on that 3-week trip across the US and into Canada.
Next week's theme is nautical. Go to TN Chick's website to see more bridges and get involved with the photo hunt yourself.
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