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Saturday, February 07, 2009


I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs and came upon this one post at Virtue Alert that had an acronym for just the thing I've been experiencing in my life: GWDG. It's Growing Weary Doing Good. Ug. I have filled my time with good things, and stuff I am weary doing. Also need to sloooooooooooow dooooooooooown as she mentioned in the article!

The blog has some good parenting advice for teenaged kids. It's the kind of stuff I am encountering as J enters this up and down time of life. Advice about texting, info about teen virginity pledges (whether they're really worth it or not)---the stuff of my real life.

I did this past week let go of two responsibilities, and I am in the mood today to let go of ALL THE HOUSEWORK.

I rested yesterday in sickness. My hubby says, "I'm proud of you" after I told him I hadn't done anything but sleep and watch TV before noon. But this morning, with the fever gone, the floors really dirty around the dog crate, and laundry becoming ever more wrinkled in a basket by my bed, It's still overwhelming. It's bothering no one but me. So it has to be done by me. ??? I am still tired, so it's still not getting done. But I will do something, a little thing.

But slowing down is not an option in some ways. Softball season is here, and as much as it is NOT my thing, I am obligated to go and do because I just have to. I can't disappoint B, most of all.

I've slowed J down---but it's been because of his poor choices at school, academically and socially. Big Sigh. My brain will never slow down thinking about the kids. He's content to be at home, though. B just better be glad school is going well for her! She'd be so mad if she was grounded.

There's my brain on your computer screen. A slice of it, anyway!



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