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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, March 28th

Today's Photohunt theme is Hands. These are B's hands when she was 9 months old. This was about the time she started pointing at things---a milestone for little ones. Now she's writing her own project about Photosynthesis! We've come a long way! ;-)

I heard an essay once about appreciating hands for the many jobs they do. Your hands have done so many things---comforting a sick child, reassuring someone who's uneasy, holding the one you are falling in love with, preparing meals, washing your baby, petting your dog---the list is endless. You should appreciate your hands and the hands of those you love.
After posting, I thought of another set of hands I had to post, too. It's Larry and me. Maybe we ought to re-create this image on our anniversary. Our hands are changing after 17 and a half years.

The Photohunt is hosted by TNChick. Check out more hands and join in! Next week's theme is stripes.



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