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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, May 23rd

This week's theme is plastic. I had my last week of school this week, and Wednesday was our Carnival Day, where I tookthis picture. These plastic flags, and the little sister of a student running her fingers along them, caught my eye. My school year is finished, right down to getting my first grade materials moved into my classroom for next fall. I feel relieved and excited about the summer! I will be finishing up those little details of getting my certification. I put this to the side while the end of the year got so hectic. I have one big test to take. My money's almost all been sent (one more paycheck garnished), and the ducks are lining up. Almost done!
This summer, I'll be able to be chauffer and just be "Mom."
Next week's photo theme is Books. Great! Go by TNChick's site and check out some more plastic!

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