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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, April 11th

Today's Photohunt theme is triangle. This is the photo that just came to mind.

This is me (in the plaid shirt) and my friends Janet and Kevin, during the A&M years. Crazy stuff----but no alcohol involved. We were on a baseball road trip to Monroe, LA.
Next week's theme is PURPLE, my J's favorite color. I'll have to get him to help me with this one. Go see TNChick's website to see more triangles or to join in. :-)
Friday at 4:16 I was in my hotel room in Houston and walking to the elevator. I was going back down to the lobby to meet up and get my "observer" wristband for the convention.
Saturday I was pulling away from my church after getting back from Houston.
We went to Houston for LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) for the kids in our church. It's a pretty big event! My kids were involved with Drama, with most of the other kids from our church who went. J also was involved with an older kids' Chorus, but it wasn't coming together and the decided not to do it a week ago. I'll try to post pictures soon!
The bad news is, we had to leave Larry at home. His leg is hurting him A LOT and he couldn't sit in the car for as long as it takes to get to Houston. He thinks he'll make it to church tomorrow, though. Pray for him.

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