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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, May 2nd

Today's PhotoHunters theme is walking. My daughter B reminded me of the pictures we took when we did the Ten Commandments Hike in Houston in February 2008. We walked 5 miles that day! We saw 10 churches along that walk.

Here are the girls at the beginning of the walk, when energy was high and the day was cool.Here are a bunch of girls walking to the next stop. I had the girls take notes along the way about the buildings or the talk that we heard at each stop. Each church had a speaker talk about one of the Ten Commandments.
Here is one of the churches with people walking in front of it. This is an event sponsored by the Boy Scouts, but it is really beneficial for anyone who can go. We tied the walk in with a Junior architecture badge.
Next week's theme is called "In Memory" which sounds like I better get serious. Check out more walking photos at TNChick's website.
Enjoy your weekend! We are going to a Secret Keeper Girls show---B and I, at noon today. Looks to be fun!

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