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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Embracing Sweat

I have been SWEATING here in Bryan. We hit 100 degrees yesterday, and expect to today----it's 4:23 and 96 degrees. We may still make it! But I really don't want to, of course! I do not take the heat very well. I have a fair complexion, burn easily, and just wilt in the heat. My face turns red, I feel weak, and when it's bad, I start to get white around my mouth and eyes. My raccoon look!

The disturbing news is . . . the average first 100 degree day in College Station is July 16th. We were one month early this year! Doesn't bode well for us.

I feel like I have to learn to embrace the sweat, because I can't get away from it. If I have to get in the car without cooling it off, I'm instantly drenched in sweat. If I go outside for any length of time, anywhere under the hair on my head, it's hot. As soon as I get out of my almost cold shower, I start sweating. I can't dry off before the sweating begins!

But one time of the day, I have been sweating on purpose. Bess's track camp is in its middle week, and I have been taking advantage of being there at the track. I walk around the track for about one hour each day. This week, I walked 11 laps (2.75 miles), Tuesday 12 laps (3 miles), and today I walked 3 miles again, 12 laps. Both weeks, I've only gotten to walk 3 times. This week we have a track meet on her 4th day. But last week, I did yoga two times, too. I'm proud of myself.

It may be my imagination, but I feel like since I've done this 3 times in the last two weeks, my stomach is smaller. This is my least favorite part of the body---this fat stomach!! But I really think it's getting better. I have one more week to walk during Bess's track, and after that, I plan on walking at 7 am instead.

Oh! Did I say it's 9:15 before I begin walking? It's very hot even by then, but the saving grace has been the clouds. It's been cloudy in the mornings. Of course this means we have high humidity, but at least the sun isn't beating down on us all.

This past school year I got into some bad habits and gained some weight. Here are some good habits I have been trying to nurture this summer---now that I have no excuses:

Walking 3 miles 3 days a week

Yoga twice a week (one 30-minute DVD, one 50 minute DVD)

high fiber breakfast (I'm looking for >5g of fiber)

less soda, more water (or decaf tea with Sweet n Low)

a daily SPF 15 lotion on my exposed body parts---face, legs, arms, neck, ears

Hope you're enjoying your summer! I'm feeling good about myself again.

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  • You are trying to incorporate some great things. I need to follow your lead.

    I am the same way with the heat. It zaps every last bit of energy and makes me feel blah. I *knew* it has been a hotter June than ever. My electric bill shows it. Sigh.

    By Blogger D..., at Saturday, June 20, 2009 1:56:00 PM  

  • FWIW, sweating is supposed to be good for you. If you're hot but have problems sweating, that's really bad.

    That said, we're having a hot summer here in Hong Kong too -- and I know my electric bill will reflect that. *Sigh* global warming and we're unfortunately not helping with the air con use but it seems like we've already tipped over into "it's so hot, we can't function properly without aircon" stage. :S

    By Blogger YTSL, at Saturday, June 20, 2009 8:27:00 PM  

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