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Monday, June 29, 2009

Walking Music

I got up this morning and walked 3 miles at the neighborhood park. I woke of my own accord just before 6:30, and laid in bed trying to talk myself into going back to sleep. The sun was already coming up, though, so my body wouldn't let me go back to sleep. I'd already had a good 7 and a half hours, so why would I sleep more?

I thought I'd give a highlight of what was on my MP3 player while I walked.
Shape of My Heart (Sting)
Clumsy (Fergie)
3x5 (John Mayer)
Something About You (Level 42)
Dr. Robert (Beatles)
A Change Would do You Good (Sheryl Crow)
The Way (Fastball)
Stuck in the Middle With You (Steeler's Wheel)

My banana is too sweet. Bleh.

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