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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, June 27th

This week's PhotoHunters' theme is flags. I know we'll see a lot of patriotic submissions this week! My mind went a different direction, though.

I was on the flag corps in high school, and I loved it. It's one of the fondest high school memories I have, to be part of the big moving organization on the football field Friday nights. So I submit two flag photos related to that idea. This first one is a pre-game flag tunnel we made as the rest of the band would file into the stands. Imagine a drum cadence playing in the background while we flag girls stood to the sides making a pointed arch overhead. I think that's me---the first flag on the left.
This second one is in the parking lot in front of the Winn-Dixie (I think Brookshire Brothers now). I don't know why we were performing there! We had these pink flags for a certain song, and the yellow shirts we have on were our Friday uniforms for school. They say Color Guard on them, I think. My hair is weird in this one---I think it's in a braid in the back. Thanks to my parents who must have taken both these shots!

I hope you'll go see some more flags on TNChick's website. Next week will be pretty in pink!



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