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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Food

I think I like Summer. I've got time to take care of myself---I walked 3 miles yesterday, and did yoga today. There are dollar kid movies---Madagasgar this morning. There's swimming and the wearing of shorts. I wear makeup about once a week! And sandals. I have one pair I really like this summer.

I am so much more relaxed, and I can really get to cookin'. I have popsicles in the freezer all the time. We eat fresh vegetables and fruits so much more often. I enjoy seeing every-blogger's weekly menus, so I thought I'd share what I've done this week---and what's coming up in the near future.

Benefit Hamburger Cookout for Camp Bandina

leftovers, sandwiches

Spiral-sliced honey glazed ham, watermelon, green salad

Tuesday (today)
"Easy Ranch Chicken and Corn", baby carrots, dessert:Blue Bell Key Lime Pie ice cream

Eating out? (I'm itching for Panda Express whenever we do eat out next) if we don't eat out, I'll do the Stromboli

Ham/Provolone Stromboli OR hot dogs, chili, chips, cinnamon/sugar apples

eating on the road to my Mom and Dad's

At Mom's---I'm not sure how she will be feeling, but I think we'll eat a lunch together at home (something grilled?) and I'll do potato salad and pickled beets. Dad will be playing a concert just off the Square, so maybe we'll eat on the Square. Shepherd's tacos? Those were delicious on the Square one year.

After soliciting responses on my Facebook account, I'm going to use the hambone to season beans sometime. Not that B will eat beans!! She'll have to figure something else out for herself that night. She didn't even like the ham very much---and it was De-licious!!

Happy eating this week, everyone!



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