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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Photos

This summer has been full of activity! The Troupers sang a parody at the airport for Stanley Wayne Mathis as he came into town. J is the one in the scarf. (Don't ask why)
We went to the Granbury parade. J was loud and crazy enough to get people to squirt him with the water. It's been SO HOT this summer.

On the square in Granbury. Strike a pose, J!

J and my dad are Vannah White-ing the BIG ice cream cone.

Me and my dinner. I went to the square hoping I could find this stand with the Shepherds' Tacos. They're pork, and you squeeze all that vegetable goodness with lime juice before you eat it. Under there, it's 3 tacos. Yeah, it was messy.

Dad's Big Band---they're cool!
B keeps herself busy during the break in the concert. She has finished TWO library reading charts already, and is on her way to finish #3.
The band played into the night, leading up to the fireworks show. We all wanted to just leave after the show, though! It was hot, and we'd had to leave my Mom at home. She's recovering from some surgery on her nose.
The new-to-us car. I didn't know this was blurry until I got it on the computer. I really am enjoying it!
It's been a Charlie Brown Summer. Get on the bus!!

J is Schroeder. He's frustrated here with people disrupting the peace he needs to be his artistic self. A role J has embraced.
The song---Beethoven Day. The crowd surrounds Schroeder as he sings about his love for Beethoven and the holiday he looks forward to the most.

This is my favorite song---The Book Report. Schroeder likens the book Peter Rabbit to one he likes, Robin Hood.

The song---The Baseball Game
These three actors also sang last summer in "Easy Street." J was Rooster, the girl in the left was his girlfriend, and the girl on the right was Mrs. Hannigan (Rooster's sister).

The end. The blur on the left is someone's hands clapping! J is the one with the blond-haired mask.
It's been a good summer---but it's half over!! :-(

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