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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, August 1st

This week's word of the week is Entertainment. For better or worse, my son has always been an entertainer. I'm highlighting some good entertaining he's done in the recent past.

This is his latest role in a BVTroupe production: Peanuts' Schroeder. This is the end of "his" song, Beethoven.
This is J in a skit where he's a sportscaster. It was "extreme," man.

This one is from last summer's BVT production of Annie. J played Rooster, Ms. Hannigan's shady brother. Here he si reading a note that says, "The jig is up." He was very good at playing the mischievous part, and I still think his rendition of "easy Street with Ms. Hannigan and his girlfriend was top notch. Great entertainment!
This week's theme was SO easy for me to come up with. J has been entertaining us his whole life, but his time spent on stage (which he loves) is entertainment others seem to enjoy as well. I need to remind him every once in a while that he's not supposed to be an entertainer at school in the classroom!!
Go by TNChick's site to see more entertaining posts. Next week's theme is low.



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