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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


What we've eaten lately. (I see Mrs. H's weekly menus and get inspired.)
this week:
Monday: Beer Battered fish (I know, frozen from a bag, but, some nights are just this way!!)

HEB Edamame, broccoli, red pepper (that was delicious!)

Tuesday: (Lar not home) Make your own nachos---Jamie had some leftover shrimp and made his shrimp nachos. very interesting! Mine was more like a taco salad.

Wednesday: (tonight!) Enchilada Bake (Granny's recipe) It's something like this picture, and a recipe you can use what you have on hand. Start with a bag of Doritos crunched on the bottom of the pan. Add on in layers: taco meat, can of corn, can of black beans (or any kind), can of Rotel, cheese. Bake until heated through.
Also, a green salad

Thursday: Stromboli and some zucchini, steamed

Friday: Taco Salad (old school kind with ranch style beans, Fritos, and Catalina dressing) Mrs. H has a recipe! We have gotten out of the habit of making this one (I can blame it on the kids.)

Saturday: J's Paninis---or possibly another Rachael Ray recipe. His choice!

Sunday: Sandwich supper @ church. I think J might make his Turkey/Provolone sandwiches and some panda cupcakes!
Monday: Ham hock/bean soup
I've been waiting for this one!!
The afternoon is quiet (except the gong sound that happens when J's txt message comes in). I told the kids no more computer or TV until they practice their instruments! heehee! All I'm asking for is 20 minutes. Is that so hard? But I have kept them busy with learning a new game, too---Mexican train. Or as one friend of Mexican heritage calls it, "Train." ;-) I just learned it at a teacher gathering last Thursday night.
I about have all my ducks in a row for getting B taken care of when I start back to teacher days and they don't go back for 2 weeks. It's hard being a working Mom!!
I've been good and walked twice this week. I was fast walking today with no walking companions, but was glad to have B with me yesterday morning. We walked all around the neighborhood on the other side of the park from me. I'm feeling good! I started my cholesterol medicine this week, too. Bleh! I'm high blood pressure, high cholesterol and overweight. Bleh!!! Maybe I can stay inspired even when school starts back up.



  • Hey Jenny - so glad you got a menu idea from my blog! We use to have the frito salad at family gatherings growing up, but I hadn't made it in years. :-)
    Isn't walking and exercising going to feel so good this fall when it gets cooler?! I can't wait! :-)

    By Blogger Mrs. H., at Thursday, July 30, 2009 8:06:00 AM  

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