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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, August 15th

This week's theme is artificial. Check out more photo hunters on TNChick's website.

Last Saturday morning, this is where I was. It looks like a resort, and I guess for some it is a vacation spot. But this is my Granbury, my hometown. I went back for my 20th high school reunion. The reason this picture is artificial is that this is on the lake, and it used to just be the marina. It was the turnaround spot for "the drag." But now, they've made a nice beach there, with pretty sand and the Tiki Hut (for snacks). It's right next to the Hilton. Granbury with a Hilton? A nice beach, on Lake Granbury, artificially trucked in.

J reminded me of his artificially altered photos. He has made a picture of himself look like the Joker. Kinda creepy! He altered this photo to give me artificial colors (kinda like Kool-Aid colors?).
Next week's theme is ripples. I'll try to keep up, but I've already started back to teaching school, so I'm busy with all that beginning of the year stuff. Have yourself a great week!

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