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Monday, May 24, 2010

New Beginnings

I'm going to blog again this summer. I haven't done any blogging in so long, but I still remember how. I think my Facebook page has taken the place of blogging, which is fine, but there are times I can't say all I need to say on Facebook.

So we'll see how long I actually keep this up . . . will it be another 7 months before I post again?

School is out for me, and even though I started a week and a half before they did, my kids are out of school, too (thank you Bryan ISD for FYP). They both got commended scores on their Math and Reading TAKS tests and were at school the required number of days, so they were able to take an early leave of school. The kids who didn't do so well and missed a lot of days will be toiling away at school until June 4th.

So we're out. I finished all the teacher work I had to do last Friday, and I'm free! I always have big goals for the summer, when I have the time to take care of me and the house more. That's sad, isn't it? I put all my energy into my work, just about. That, and driving my own children to their "stuff."

Here are a few things we've got on the schedule this summer:
Howdy day Camp (B---Girl Scouts)
Softball season (Lar and B)
TNT Youth Conference (J----drama)
GS trip to Palo Duro Canyon (me and B)
BVT's production of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. (J)
Library actvities (including B volunteering with the programs for little kids) (both kids?)
$1 movies at Cinemark (me and the kids)
teaching Tabitha class and a 3s Bible class just for the summer (me! and J helps in another class)
Regional Track meet (Larry and B---and training her beforecompetition)
Church Camp---Bandina (the kids)
a visit with my sister and family when they come to Texas in July (all of us)
swimming (all of us)

We actually have a full summer planned out, and we'll be busy, but not too busy. Summer is full of freedom! Keeping everyone doing the things they love doing is my goal. Summer is when we actually have the time to enjoy our hobbies.

So, spread out, relax-----summer's here!

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  • Welcome back, you have been missed. Don't ask Rae what she thinks about OFYP or any BISD teacher for that matter! Sounds like a fun summer.

    By Blogger Giggles, at Monday, May 24, 2010 10:22:00 AM  

  • Happy summer! And nice to meet you. :~D

    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

    By Blogger e-Mom, at Monday, May 24, 2010 10:39:00 PM  

  • It's interesting but I've noticed quite a lot of my regular reads have expressed a difficulty with blogging lately. I agree with you about facebook. It's too easy to post quickly over there and the conversations follow thick and fast. It is a different animal however and I love being able to post photos in between text.
    I am blown away that the schools keep kids back who 'haven't done so well'. How do you work out who teaches them? I think it would be a jolly good idea here. The kids are so accepting of the fact that they will progress no matter what! they never lift a finger!!!!! (I'm talking secondary here) I also know the feeling of being work/mum taxi! I haven't had quality time with my husband in MONTHS!! Still, the exams and end of term are rushing upon us like a juggernaut. Enjoy your break!

    By Blogger Arizaphale, at Saturday, June 05, 2010 10:54:00 AM  

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