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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt 6-5-10

Today's theme is Sparkles. We have a son and a daughter, but our daughter isn't a girly girl, so I don't have a lot of stuff of hers to pull from. But she did do dance when she was 5, so here's a sparkly outfit she wore.
I just put this picture on a post from Monday---and it's very sparkly.

Our son is into theater, and they just had their awards ceremony last Sunday. These are the awards he won. He has been doing this outside of school since he was in Kindergarten, and has really found something he loves to do. He has two shows today, in fact. I listed his various awards in the other post, so scroll down if you're interested.
Thank you for stopping by! Please leave a comment if you stopped, and I'll visit your site as well.
Next week's theme is Bubbles. Go by TnChick to see who else had a sparkly picture to share.

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