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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Palo Duro Trip---Part 1

I'm going to do our Girl Scout trip a few pictures at a time. We planned this 5 day trip for a long while and we saw so many cool things!
First stop---the DrPepper museum in Dublin, TX.
They gave us each of us a small bottle of DrPepper at the start of the tour. I'm holding 4 of them for the girls who are going to wait and have it later. B loves DrPepper!! In Dubin, they make DrPepper with the original formula---with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar. No corn syrup in these batches. They have a couple of rooms of DrPepper memorabilia that was a lot of fun to look at.

The guide told us about the machine they use for the rebottling. This is at the end of the process. The bottles are filled with syrup and then carbonated water. The bottles need to turn in a full circle 3 times to mix it, a process they used to have people do by hand, but now the machine will do. This lady was very gracious and helpful!!

One wonderful thing that happened was that we were offered the back room to eat our lunch in. We were planing on our picnic lunch in a park, but they had a room in the back with booths and bathrooms nearby. We ate while we waited for our tour time to begin.

Here we are at the end, posing by the statue outside. We are only beginning our journey, and we hadn't picked up the last scout yet. Lots of adventures still to come for our scouts!

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