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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photo Hunt 7-9-11

Today's photo challenge is Near.

I'm a a day late on this---just busy yesterday and when I could've done it early, the picture I wanted to use was in another city on the camera, with Larry and Bess.

I got very near to this bee while taking this picture. This is a sunflower that Bess has been growing from a seed in the front of the house. We have some in the back, too. I got very near the flower and used the setting for objects nearer than 28 inches.

If you want to see more near photos, then go to TNChick's website. Her picture is cute! (Jamie says I use that word too much. I have noticed I use it a lot, as he's pointed out every time I say "cute.")

Next week's theme is backwards. I wonder what I will find?

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