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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday Journaling

This is a "would you rather" post. I'm behind a few days, but I hope Bess is at camp writing away!!

Would you rather have 20 dogs or no toes?
20 dogs! but on a lot of land.

Would you rather have a pet elephant or a camel and a llama?
I think the elephant.

Would you rather not be able to speak forever or only be able to sing instead of talk?
Singing!! At least you could get your points across and talk on the phone still. Maybe I could sing in a way that was kinda monotone and not be too weird. I'd hate to stand out.

Would you rather be mistaken for the president or for a trash can deliverer?
Trash can deliverer. It would be less pressure.

Would you rather have permanent socks or permanent bracelets?
bracelets. I like to wear sandals and have pretty toenails every once in a while!!

Pink lemonade or regular?

What is you favorite color to highlight with? Why?
I like purple, although yellow is good for some things. Yellow can be seen through the best, I suppose, but purple is not common, so it is more noticeable.

Okay, Bess, I hope you read all this typing I just did!!

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