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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday Journaling

This is a "would you rather" post. I'm behind a few days, but I hope Bess is at camp writing away!!

Would you rather have 20 dogs or no toes?
20 dogs! but on a lot of land.

Would you rather have a pet elephant or a camel and a llama?
I think the elephant.

Would you rather not be able to speak forever or only be able to sing instead of talk?
Singing!! At least you could get your points across and talk on the phone still. Maybe I could sing in a way that was kinda monotone and not be too weird. I'd hate to stand out.

Would you rather be mistaken for the president or for a trash can deliverer?
Trash can deliverer. It would be less pressure.

Would you rather have permanent socks or permanent bracelets?
bracelets. I like to wear sandals and have pretty toenails every once in a while!!

Pink lemonade or regular?

What is you favorite color to highlight with? Why?
I like purple, although yellow is good for some things. Yellow can be seen through the best, I suppose, but purple is not common, so it is more noticeable.

Okay, Bess, I hope you read all this typing I just did!!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Journaling at Camp

Bess is off at camp this week, and she and I are still writing. I think she's shy about sharing what she writes---so it's funny that she wanted the blog! I don't know if she'll bother putting up her writing she's doing during "rest time" these hot afternoons this week.

She picked the topics out of a hat before she left and made tiny envelopes for me to open daily. Of course, she did NOT get around to doing her turn at putting the dishes away before she left, but took time to do this instead. Sigh. But I digress.

Sunday I was travelling back and forth with Larry as we drove the kids to camp. Despite that, there was a topic:

What are the three worst and best things you have smelled?



strangers' B.O.



Cologne on a date night

Bath and Body Works' pomegranete lemonade

baking cookies

I'll get Monday's topic going here in just a bit!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photo Hunt 7-9-11

Today's photo challenge is Near.

I'm a a day late on this---just busy yesterday and when I could've done it early, the picture I wanted to use was in another city on the camera, with Larry and Bess.

I got very near to this bee while taking this picture. This is a sunflower that Bess has been growing from a seed in the front of the house. We have some in the back, too. I got very near the flower and used the setting for objects nearer than 28 inches.

If you want to see more near photos, then go to TNChick's website. Her picture is cute! (Jamie says I use that word too much. I have noticed I use it a lot, as he's pointed out every time I say "cute.")

Next week's theme is backwards. I wonder what I will find?

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Blog Questions

Today's weird blog is a series of questions. This doesn't seem to really inspire "writing" like I had hoped, but we'll go with it.

Would you rather live in a bowl or a bucket? A bucket, because it has a handle. You can carry it around with you.

Would you rather be a newt or a mouse?

A newt because they are so many pretty colors.

Would you rather yell at cheese or sit on a cookie.

I guess I'd rather sit on a cookie. Although that might ruin the cookie, and I guess I could still eat yelled-at cheese.

Would you rather eat Christmas lights or a garden hose?

Christmas lights are so much lovelier than a garden hose.

Would you rather eat only yarn or only grass?

Grass is a plant and you could live on it for real, so I would pick that!

Okay, now we'll see what Bess has chosen!

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Photo Hunt 7-2-11: Busy

This week's theme is something I can look back on, and it's not this week. Thank goodness. I'm not busy and my body and mind are thankful.

My busiest time of year is probably during the end of the school year, April through May. It's that way for any parent as we're wrapping up the year with awards and recognitions. On top of that, I'm a teacher, so I'm behind the scenes getting awards and recognitions ready, plus report cards, final assessments, and parent-teacher conferences. It's something to be endured and I just ride the wave, doing my best!!

My classroom of first graders is busy, and they get busy on the playground, too. I wanted to post some of the classroom, but I can't post someone else's kid's face! So here they are on the playground on a field trip we did last fall.
I try not to give "busy work," but I choose activities that help them along in their progress. Instead of just keeping them busy on worksheets, I hope I can keep them busy doing hands on games that go along with the skills they're learning in other lessons. If they're done with work, I like for them to choose reading or writing, but I am working one getting a "centers" choice going for the fall. The problem is space in my classroom. I guess my mind is busy thinking about school even when I'm not there.

If I really wanted to show "busy," I might have to post a series of pictures.

If you want to join in the photo hunt, it's open to all at TNChick's website. Next week's theme is near. I will be taking more pictures this week since there's a holiday and we'll get together with my parents.

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