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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, May 10th

I had a hard time working with no theme this week---it was too wide open for me! ;-) Should I go with my best picture of all time? A photo that captures the essence of one of my children?

I decided to go with a picture that captures an important part of this week.My job is to teach these little ones, and here at the end of the year, they are graduating and moving onto Kindergarten. Here we are practicing for the program, the first time with putting on the gowns. Part of our program next week is to let them know how special we think they are and to let them know they're moving into a new phase of their lives.

Do they understand all that? No. But they are all excited to go on to Kindergarten! Should kids expect to graduate every time they move to a new school? Hmmm . . . that's debatable. But do the parents love it? I think so! ;-)

If you're interested in the Photo Hunt, check out TNChick. This week's theme was "blogger's choice" and next week it's candy----one of my favorite things. :-)

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